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A világ legjobb márkái 2011

 Melyek a legismertebb vagy legjobb márkák az egész Világon? Az alábbi  táblázatból kiderül. Az utóbbi időben az élbolyban nem voltak nagy változások, sőt csak három olyan márka került fel a TOP 100-as listára, amelyek a korábbi évben nem szerepeltek:

Rank Previous Rank Brand Region/Country Sector Brand Value ($m) Change in Brand Value
1 1 United States Beverages 71,861 2%
2 2 United States Business Services 69,905 8%
3 3 United States Computer Software 59,087 -3%
4 4 United States Internet Services 55,317 27%
5 5 United States Diversified 42,808 0%
6 6 United States Restaurants 35,593 6%
7 7 United States Electronics 35,217 10%
8 17 United States Electronics 33,492 58%
9 9 United States Media 29,018 1%
10 10 United States Electronics 28,479 6%
11 11 Japan Automotive 27,764 6%
12 12 Germany Automotive 27,445 9%
13 14 United States Business Services 25,309 9%
14 8 Finland Electronics 25,071 -15%
15 15 Germany Automotive 24,554 10%
16 13 United States FMCG 23,997 3%
17 19 South Korea Electronics 23,430 20%
18 16 France Luxury 23,172 6%
19 20 Japan Automotive 19,431 5%
20 22 United States Business Services 17,262 16%
21 21 Sweden Apparel 16,459 2%
22 23 United States Beverages 14,590 4%
23 24 United States Financial Services 14,572 5%
24 26 Germany Business Services 14,542 14%
25 25 United States Sporting Goods 14,528 6%
26 36 United States Internet Services 12,758 32%
27 31 United States Transportation 12,536 6%
28 29 United States Financial Services 12,437 1%
29 30 United States Alcohol 12,252 0%
30 27 Switzerland Beverages 12,115 -5%
31 28 Sweden Home Furnishings 11,863 -5%
32 32 United Kingdom Financial Services 11,792 2%
33 33 Japan Electronics 11,715 2%
34 35 United States FMCG 11,372 3%
35 34 Japan Electronics 9,880 -13%
36 43 United States Internet Services 9,805 16%
37 39 Canada Media 9,515 6%
38 37 United States Financial Services 9,091 -3%
39 44 Italy Luxury 8,763 5%
40 45 France FMCG 8,699 9%
41 42 Netherlands Electronics 8,658 0%
42 40 United States Financial Services 8,620 -3%
43 41 United States Electronics 8,347 -6%
44 48 Spain Apparel 8,065 8%
45 47 United States Business Services 8,005 7%
46 49 Germany Diversified 7,900 8%
47 53 Germany Automotive 7,857 14%
48 38 Japan Electronics 7,731 -14%
49 46 United States FMCG 7,609 1%
50 50 United States Automotive 7,483 4%
51 51 United States FMCG 7,127 3%
52 58 France FMCG 6,936 9%
53 56 France Financial Services 6,694 0%
54 52 United States Financial Services 6,634 -4%
55 57 Switzerland FMCG 6,613 1%
56 54 Canada Electronics 6,424 -5%
57 59 United States Electronics 6,414 5%
58 55 United States Media 6,383 -5%
59 63 Germany Automotive 6,171 13%
60 62 Germany Sporting Goods 6,154 12%
61 65 South Korea Automotive 6,005 19%
62 60 United States Restaurants 5,902 1%
63 61 United States Beverages 5,604 -3%
64 70 United States Diversified 5,598 19%
65 64 United States FMCG 5,376 6%
66 69 France Luxury 5,356 12%
67 67 Germany Financial Services 5,345 9%
68 68 Spain Financial Services 5,088 5%
69 73 Japan Electronics 5,047 16%
70 77 France Luxury 4,781 18%
71 71 United States FMCG 4,672 3%
72 72 Germany Automotive 4,580 4%
73 76 United States Luxury 4,498 9%
74 81 Netherlands Energy 4,483 12%
75 82 United States Financial Services 4,478 12%
76 66 United States Internet Services 4,413 -11%
77 79 France Alcohol 4,383 9%
78 78 United States Alcohol 4,319 7%
79 74 United Kingdom Financial Services 4,259 1%
80 88 United States Computer Software 4,170 15%
81 83 United States Restaurants 4,092 3%
82 80 Switzerland Financial Services 4,090 2%
83 75 United States FMCG 4,072 -2%
84 84 United States Apparel 4,040 2%
85 90 United States Diversified 3,945 10%
86 85 Mexico Alcohol 3,924 2%
87 87 Germany FMCG 3,883 4%
88 92 United Kingdom Alcohol 3,842 8%
89 89 United Kingdom Alcohol 3,841 6%
90 NEW Japan Automotive 3,819 N/A
91 93 Netherlands Alcohol 3,809 8%
92 86 Switzerland Financial Services 3,799 0%
93 95 Italy Luxury 3,794 10%
94 94 Switzerland Financial Services 3,769 8%
95 100 United Kingdom Luxury 3,732 20%
96 97 United States Restaurants 3,663 10%
97 NEW United States Diversified 3,651 N/A
98 NEW Taiwan Electronics 3,605 N/A
99 91 Italy Automotive 3,591 1%
100 98 United States Automotive 3,512 7%

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Az utóbbi időben az élbolyban

Az utóbbi időben az élbolyban nem voltak nagy változások, sőt csak három olyan márka került fel a TOP 100-as listára, amelyek a korábbi évben nem szerepeltek:
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A pénzügyi szoftver lehet

A pénzügyi szoftver lehet hasznos eszköz, hogy bárki egy önálló vállalkozó bejelentés az adót, hogy a vállalati könyvelő szervező bérszámfejtés. Ma már olyan programok, valamennyi pénzügyi alkalmazás, amely lehetővé teszi, hogy időt takaríthat meg, szem előtt tartva a fárasztó adminisztrációs munka.
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